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Tourist Attractions: Chicago Illinois - Tourist Attractions

Chicago, Illinois makes a fresh choice of holiday destination for you and for your family. Known to be home of some of America's fine art galleries, museums and shopping districts, it has great things in store for everyone's interests. Its vibrant culture is evident of the modern influences that it has acquired through its rich history. Making stops as some of its famous tourist destinations acquaints you to its unique character.

There are actually limitless options of spending activities when you take a vacation in Chicago Illinois. If you are big on history and culture, the local museums make a worthy stop. If you are spending a holiday with your kids, then spending a whole day in the Lincoln Zoo provides great opportunities for them to be exposed to one of the world's greatest collections of animals.

When it comes to food and shopping, Chicago will surely meet any tourists?expectations in providing new and exciting vacation experiences. Hitting the Magnificent Mile is most recommended. Its fine promenade of stores, jewelers and a number of famous retail shops will surely meet everybody's shopping expectations. Chicago has some string of high-end restaurants to offer; however a trip to Chicago would be the same without tasting their world famous deep-dish pizza, or visiting Chinatown where you will have some of the best Asian dishes at half the restaurant price!

There are limitless places to visit

The Chicago Historical Society runs the Chicago History Museum. Founded in 1856, it sits at Chicago's Old Town Triangle district near the Lincoln Park. Here, well-preserved artifacts or remnants of the city's by-gone eras will tell you the sequence of events on which its society has thrived from.

For other historical sites, train and bus tours as well as walking tours are offered to tourists. Here, they can enjoy taking pictures and noting significant districts that has defined the character that the great city of Chicago rooted from.

One of Chicago's prides are the well-maintained and kid-friendly parks. The local parks provide perfect avenues to spending a relaxing time taking a break from all the historical explorations. Since these parks have roaming uards and security officers, tourists are completely safe. In the spring, summer and fall you can spend time spreading a blanket, reading a book, taking a luxurious nap, spending fun time with the family or catch a concert, and in the winter you can enjoy some ice-skating.

Millennium Park is one of most exciting local parks to visit. It is known to be the spot where the world's largest Rooftop Garden is located. All its 24.5 acres land area is a delight, showcasing the centre for art, architecture, local music and landscape design.

Run by the Chicago Horticultural Society, the Chicago Botanical Garden is a 385-acre land that showcases 23 specialty gardens and waterways. Located 25 miles from the city, it features recreated prairies, Japanese gardens, giant topiaries and 20 more varieties of garden. Since nature is an ever-changing beauty, the garden also changes in ways that it tends to outdo its garden arrangements every time the seasons change. Here, you can enjoy an English Walled garden and other certified authentic foreign garden settings all in one spot.

The first planetarium, Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum that was built in the western hemisphere founded in 1930, provides exciting virtual outer space experiences for all ages even today. Along with the advancements in astronomy, the planetarium has also updated its equipment, offering close-to-real encounters with the known heavenly bodies. State-of-the-art equipment allows the planetarium to provide interactive displays.

Making a stop to the Art Institute of Chicago provides the opportunity to actually take a sight of the world's greatest masters. Located at the South Michigan district of Chicago, it features wide range of art genre. From French impressionism to Asian modern Art, the Institute also offers a museum for children. Guided tours may be arranged for supplemental information. There is also The Museum of Contemporary Art is home to Chicago's 2,345-piece collection of contemporary art, focusing on surrealism, minimalism and conceptual photography. Monthly exhibits are held here, providing perfect opportunities for tourists to actually witness modern form of local artistry.

Chicago Illinois has many attractions to offer whether you are a tourist or a resident.

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